Hi, I'm Angie, 25, from Germany. I blog about fitness, feminism, body positivity, fashion, healthy living, health in general and just random stuff that happens in my oh so exciting life.

This blog is body positive. I do not support anorexia, bulimia or any other kind of eating disorder. I do not post pro ana, pro mia, fitspo or thinspo content.

Also I'm currently graduating from uni, so most of the time I'm tired, irate and hungry. If you want to appease me, bring food and coffee.

This blog can be NSFW, so be warned ;)

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So I needed a way to alert the class that I was going to be showing graphic pictures of genitals on my presentation so I decided that putting this on the slide before would work


I want this on a shirt.

Please, I want this on underwear